Stella Milferstädt

Stella Milferstädt

Doctoral Researcher

Research Area B

Cluster of Excellence livMatS @ FIT – Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies

Phone: +49 761 203 95121 | +49 761 203 2888


Production of FtsZ proteins for the generation of ex-vivo hydrogels
I am interested in a certain type of enzymes called "Filamentous temperature-sensitive Z  proteins" (FtsZ proteins). In plants, FtsZ proteins build a filamentous network within the chloroplast. The formation of these filaments consumes energy, which is provided by a chemical reaction (GTP hydrolyzation). In my project, I am using the FtsZ skeleton of Physcomitrella patens as a plant role model: My goal is to get further insights into how energy uptake can be linked to structure formation.

First supervisor

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reski

Publications in livMatS