Monday - Saturday 07.06. - 26.06. Online

livMatS at the "Freiburg Wissenschaftsmarkt" (online)

Smart materials could enable many new technologies in the future. Many of these materials are still in development, but scientists are designing ever better structures for them or working on new chemical compositions.

Visitors to the "Wissenschaftsmarkt" can participate in this research: In an experiment conducted by the livMatS cluster of excellence at the University of Freiburg, they are collecting data on how exactly uncooked spaghetti breaks when bent. Do they shatter into multiple pieces? Does anything change when they are bent slowly? The data collected will help researchers understand how structures behave under tension. Scientists from livMatS will also provide insights into bioinspiration at the science fair: In a lecture and in videos, they will show how natural models help materials research to develop new ideas.

The digital "Freiburg Wissenschaftsmarkt" uses vivid and interactive offerings to show what research in the region is contributing to significant social issues and challenges. The science fair runs from June 7 to 26, 2021, and livMatS will provide videos, lectures and experiments during this time.

**7 till 26 June 2021: The "Spaghetti"-Experiment

21 June 2021, 15 pm: Talk on Bioinspiration in livMatS by Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck**