ThermoBatS - Thermoelectric Battery Systems

This project focuses on the development of versatile and flexible thermoelectric generators that convert temperature differences across thermoelectric materials into electric potentials via the Seebeck effect. The aim is to develop micro-scale generators that are highly efficient, scalable, and material-integrated.

The envisioned micro-thermoelectric generators (μTEG) will consist of a polymer-based matrix and inorganic nano-scale thermoelectric materials. The addition of different solvents and additives to the nanomaterials allows them to be utilized as inks or dispersions in dispenser- or screen-printing setups for cost-effective and efficient µTEG fabrication on a larger scale. Following the printing process, uni-axial hot pressing or electro sintering techniques will ensure optimal contact between individual nanoparticles in order to form functional μTEGs.

Printing processes will also be applied to add dissimilar phase change materials (PCMs) to both sides of the µTEGs. These PCMs release or absorb heat during phase change while maintaining a constant temperature within the material, thereby allowing the system to generate a temperature difference across the µTEG from temperature changes over time. This will enable materials systems to harvest energy during day and night cycles. Added step-up, communication and sensor electronics could supply information or energy to other livMatS projects.

Prof. Dr. Peter Woias

Principal Investigators
Prof. Dr. Peter Woias, Prof. Dr. Harald Hillebrecht, Prof. Dr. Ingo Krossing

Responsible Investigators
Dr. Uwe Pelz

Doctoral researchers
Swathi Krishna Subhash