Dr. Maximilian Jentzsch

Dr. Maximilian Jentzsch

Research Area B

Cluster of Excellence livMatS @ FIT – Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies
Plant Biomechanics Group Freiburg, Botanic Garden Freiburg


Logic Self-Reporting Metamaterials

Project description
Within the interdisciplinary project Logic Self-Reporting Metamaterials, I investigate the potential of fruit peel as a model for energy dissipation in adaptive composites. In order to study the dissipative and ripening processes in fruit peels, I employ mechanical tests, microscopy and micro-computed tomography to analyse the functional morphology of peels.

Project outcomes
In my project, I investigated the damping and material properties of various citrus fruit peels. The focus was particularly on the biomechanical and functional morphological properties of the fruit peel. As part of my work, I was able to show that not only the pomelo peel has excellent material and structural properties, but that a variety of citrus fruit peels have promising capabilities. It was possible to determine material characteristics such as Poisson's ratios (transverse contraction ratios) for various peels and to visualize the peel structures. In follow-up projects, the knowledge gained must now be abstracted using simulations and mathematical models and then applied in initial demonstrators. In this way, interdisciplinary and cross-area collaboration can ultimately lay the foundation for a genuine, bio-inspired livMatS damping material.

Supervisor and dissertation
Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck

Maximilian Jentzsch completed his dissertation in September 2023.

Dissertation: Zitrusfrüchte als biomimetische Inspiration für technische Materialsysteme – Funktionsmorphologische und biomechanische Charakterisierung ausgewählter Zitrusfruchtschalen

Current position
Maximilian Jentzsch works as a consultant for innovation and invention management in the Schunk Group. He evaluates and supports innovations from the entire group of companies and thus makes an interdisciplinary contribution to turning the ideas of today into the materials and products of tomorrow.

Publications in livMatS