Tuesday 13:00 pm - 16:00 pm FIT Seminar room

The Writing Lab

Boost your writing with The Writing Lab – where you turn drafts into masterpieces. Dive into intensive writing sessions, receive actionable feedback, and unleash your potential. Write, revise, excel.

At The Writing Lab, we believe the best way to refine your writing is by doing—writing, rewriting, and engaging with constructive feedback. Here, you'll join a community of peers where your ongoing projects receive the attention and input they need to flourish. Forget about the theoretical; our focus is on actionable insights and real writing practice to help you produce, polish, and perfect your work.

Bring your drafts, join our community, and experience how continuous practice and expert guidance can turn your writing challenges into successes.

Register here: terminplaner4.dfn.de/3gi6NEbzV44meU8G