Data Management Plans

Data Management Plan (DMP) Templates

Data management plans are short tabular documents that describe how a project implements the RDM policy. Any livMatS-affiliated project is required to provide a complete DMP and continuously update its content in the course of the project in line with evolving data management practices. Below templates are pre-filled recommendations for implementing the livMatS RDM policy via different solutions on the software service level.

chemotion livMatS DMP template, DRAFT, v0.4, 2023-02-09. (DOCX)

chemotion is an electronic lab notebook solution promoted by NFDI4chem at the federal level and MoMaF at the state of Baden-Württemberg level. The chemotion instance at University of Freiburg is accessible from the intranet at For testing purposes and playing around, there is the official chemotion test instance at

Kiesel group - institute of psychology livMatS DMP template, DRAFT, v0.6, 2023-01-13. (DOCX)

This DMP template outlines how an exemplary psychology project implements the livMatS RDM policy by managing and publishing data on open science repository platforms such as OSF.

dtool livMatS DMP template, v0.6, 2023-02-09. (DOCX)

dtool is a lightweight data management solution meeting all RDM policy requirements. It is suitable for both manual data management via a graphical user interface as well as data management in automized work flows via its command line interface or Python API. For more information refer to


Please get into contact with the livMatS data steward via if you wish to implement the livMatS RDM policy by other means than the data management solutions suggested above.

Our DMP samples are based on general purpose templates provided by Science Europe.