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Outreach activites in the Botanic Garden Freiburg

An important component of the cluster’s interactions with the general public will be a series of events offered within the concept “Learning from nature... in nature”. An integral part of this concept and of livMatS itself is the Botanic Garden Freiburg. It is ideally suited to demonstrate similarities and differences between biological and technical materials and illustrate concepts in both the biological and the technical realms.

In two brochures (German only) the Botanic Garden Freiburg presents its activities in the field of biomimetics. They can be downloaded from the garden's website:

The livMatS Pavilion

In a joint project, researchers from the Universities of Freiburg and Stuttgart together with master’s students from the University of Stuttgart have designed a lightweight pavilion. With the livMatS Pavilion, the team presents a model for a sustainable, resource-efficient alternative to conventional construction methods. The pavilion has been open to visitors of the Botanic Garden of the University of Freiburg since July 2021.

In the future, livMatS will use the pavilion as an outdoor lecture room to vividly communicate the research of the Cluster. Researchers will present their work to the public there, for example, in guided tours or workshops.

The development of the livMatS Pavilion

More Information on the livMatS Pavilion