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Making Data Accessible, Recognizing Technological Potential

Johannes Hörmann supports livMatS as Data Steward, Frank Scherag is the cluster's new Intellectual Property Manager

Nov 18, 2021

Johhanes Hörmann (left) will support livMatS as Data Steward, Frank Scherrag will oversee the cluster's Intellectual Property Management.

Research generates data that is traditionally presented to the scientific community through articles or presentations. The primary data behind this research is a scholarly product just as well. However, this data is rarely handled with the same diligence. Proper research data management makes data findable, accessible, transferable to other research questions and reusable by other scientists. This assures the quality of research and facilitates cooperation between researchers.

livMatS will receive support to address this challenge more effectively: As Data Steward, Johannes Hörmann will develop strategies and best practices for the management of research data in the cluster. Also new to livMatS is Dr. Frank Scherag, who will oversee the cluster's technology transfer as Intellectual Property Manager.

Johannes Hörmann will establish binding guidelines for the cluster's research data management. He is responsible for all questions regarding the management of research data and will offer special trainings that enable the scientists of the cluster to implement the guidelines in their working groups and projects.

Dr. Frank Scherag will support the scientists of the cluster in systematically transferring the technologies developed in livMatS into commercial and industry-related applications. He will evaluate technology potentials of the cluster and advice researchers on how to file patents, apply for funding for industrial collaborations or plan spin-offs. Scherag will also establish activities with other stakeholders such as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Freiburg, the microTEC Südwest cluster and industrial partners.

Get in contact:

Johannes Hörmann
Data Steward

Dr. Frank Daniel Scherag
Intellectual Property Manager
Phone: +49 761 203 95104