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Nature as a Role Model

The Cluster livMatS presents its research in the special exhibition “Baubionik – Biologie beflügelt Architektur”

Oct 10, 2019

What can science learn from the coconut as a natural impact absorber or from the movement of plants like the bird of paradise flower? How can innovative shell constructions be derived from the shell of a sea urchin? livMatS will be contributing to the exhibition “Baubionik – Biologie beflügelt Achitektur” which adresses these and other questions at the WaldHaus Freiburg. From October 10th 2019 to March 22nd 2020, the exhibition highlights examples and visions from architecture, engineering and natural sciences.

Visitors can learn more about the livMatS objectives, how the cluster works on these in an interdisciplinary team and which role biological models play in achieving the overall vision. The other displays are part of an earlier exhibition which was shown at the Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart by the collaborative research center „Biological Design and Integrative Structures: Analysis, Simulation and Implementation in Architecture“.

The exhibition’s texts are in English and German. The entry is free of charge.

Program to exhibition