Dr. Patrick Huber

Dr. Patrick Huber

Research Area C

Faculty of Engineering | Department of Microsystems Engineering
University of Freiburg


Training and self-healing by interface snapping mechanisms

Project description
My research in the project aims to improve polymer network synthesis via a method called C-H-insertion based crosslinking (CHic). We plan to synthesise new cross linker molecules based on anthraquinones, and then incorporate them into polymers using radical copolymerisation. The new copolymers will be structured both on a macroscopic scale (via 3D printing) and on a microscopic scale (via two-photon lithography).

Project outcomes
In my research, I synthesized new crosslinker molecules based on anthraquinones for the C-H-insertion based crosslinking reaction. I used these new crosslinker molecules to perform free radical copolymerization reactions. By varying the matrix monomer, different polymer properties are accessible and can be tuned. We can crosslink the new copolymers by using various light sources with short irradiation times. Network formation and microstructuring is possible with UV-A irradiation, visible light and also with sunlight, which allows energy-autonomous photochemical structuring without any external power source. Furthermore, I carried out first experiments for structuring with two-photon lithography to prove the concept of two-photon absorption of the anthraquinone moieties in the new polymers.

Supervisor and dissertation
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe

Patrick Huber completed his dissertation in May 2024.

Dissertation: Anthrachinonbasierte Vernetzer für C-H-Insertions-Vernetzungen (CHic) im langwelligen UV-A- und sichtbaren Bereich zur Oberflächenmodifizierung und Strukturierung