Ali Usama

Ali Usama

Doctoral Researcher

Research Area B

Laboratory of Process Technology | NeptunLab
Department of Microsystems Engineering, University of Freiburg



GALLISENSE - Giving materials the passive ability to sense
Recently, Gallium-based liquid metals have attracted significant attention due to their eye-catching properties, including high surface tension, low toxicity and viscosity, and high thermal and electrical conductivities. Moreover, they are able to form stable, fluidic structures within microchannels. Within microchannels, a state change of the Gallium-based liquid metals achieved through the induced motion to the segments will initiate a change in material properties accordingly. Using this principle, Gallium-based liquid metals within microfluidic systems can be further developed into sensor devices able to sense environmental changes. GALLISENSE aims to develop Gallium-based functional materials and integrate them into designed microfluidic systems for realizing material self-sensing abilities.

First supervisor

Prof. Dr. Bastian E. Rapp