Asiye Dogan

Asiye Dogan

Doctoral Researcher

Research Area C | Agnes Pockels Fellow Recipient 2023

Faculty of Engineering | Department of Microsystems Engineering
University of Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 203 67471


Making materials long-lasting: shedding of damaged layers in a locally controlled way
Many living organisms use the method of surface restoration to restore favorable properties despite serious damage. The best example of such an approach in nature is when snakes and lizards give up their outer skins to regain a fresh surface.
My project consists of creating a parquet-like system consisting of four superhydrophobic three-layer systems with overhangs to avoid unnecessarily shedding of large intact areas beside the damaged area. The top layer is a superhydrohobic surface (SHS). Underneath is a water-soluble sacrificial layer and underneath this is another SHS. The upper layer is divided into small pieces of film, placed next to each other. The other small layers are not affected if one of the small layers detaches from the surface due to damage.

First supervisor

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe