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Four Centuries in Images and Text

The University of Freiburg Botanical Garden celebrates its 400th anniversary with multimedia offerings for the eyes and intellect

Sep 10, 2020

Green, greener, botanical garden: the facility has been home to numerous plant and animal species for 400 years. Picture: Thomas Kunz

More than a key location for researchers, instructors, and students, the garden is a favorite with the public as well. This year, the University of Freiburg's Botanical Garden is celebrating the 400th anniversary of its existence. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year the institution has been required to limit – and in some cases cancel – events to celebrate this special birthday. A multimedia presentation made up of a range of contributions should nevertheless make it possible to join in the celebration and experience the many facets of the Botanical Garden – and to learn more about the work of its director Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck.

During a virtual tour, Speck will show visitors what the Botanical Garden has to offer. Using video clips, the Botanical Garden's director will present fascinating backstories on the world of plants and on his research in the Cluster of Excellence "Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems" (livMatS). Thus, Speck gives an insight into the world of bioinspiration and explains how researchers of the cluster are inspired by the Mechanisms of the Venus flytrap or by the peel of the orange and pomelo fruit.

In an Interview he talks to Patrick Siegert about the work of the researchers and also tells what he hopes for the future of the Botanical Garden.

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