Master Lab program

Do you want to be part of cutting-edge research topics? Is your learning driven by curiosity? Are you keen on interdisciplinary science? Then the livMatS Master Lab may be just the thing for you. This research-oriented, extra-curricular program aims to foster and broaden the research interests of motivated students in livMatS-related study programs.

New young researcher challenges for winter term 2022/23 are out.

Check them out on the ILIAS course page. Once there, go to the lecture series folder for winter term 2022/23 and view the posted challenges.

Apply for Master Lab

If you interested in working on a challenge in the Master Lab Program in winter term 2022/23. send an updated CV, a one-page letter of intent, and your Bachelor’s transcript of records as one PDF to The letter of intent should briefly outline your academic background and motivation to tackle one research challenge of interest. Application deadline is 15. July. Envisaged HiWi contract start is 01 October.

Master Lab Program

Master Lab students work on the research challenge autonomously under scientific guidance and take part in the Master Lab program (see requirements and electives below). In order to support this autonomous research, each Master lab student is awarded a young researcher grant to fund a student research contract (HiWi) and consumables. In consultation with supervisor, HiWi contracts are typically 35 hours a month for up to six months. This can vary

Program requirements

  • Kick-off workshop on livMatS research program (beginning of semester)
  • 2-3 block sessions on scientific writing and presenting (during semester)
  • Master Lab colloquium - students present progress and submit research poster and brief write-up (usually end of semester break)

Program Electives

  • Attend select livMatS early career researcher events to network and get taste of PhD studies
  • Attend select livMatS colloquium talks

Meta-learning objectives

Students who complete the Master Lab program will be able to:

  • Develop and refine research ideas into concrete research aims
  • Explain key principles of livMatS research program
  • Communicate their research for interdisciplinary settings

Program Certificate and Testimonials

Master Lab students who complete the program - simultaneous to working towards their respective Master’s degree - will receive a certificate attesting to the program’s achieved objectives, which serves as an additional qualification for students’ future career aspirations.
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For questions about the program or application procedure, send an email to Gregg Dubow (graduate coordinator).