Indre Jödicke

Indre Jödicke

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Forschungsbereich C

Technische Fakultät | Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Tel.: +49 761 203 97784


Topology optimization of nonlinear mechanical metamaterials using a Fast-Fourier-Transformation-based solver
Materials that respond to a stimulus in a well-defined and nonlinear manner are an important step towards long-lived, trainable material systems. My research focuses on engineering metamaterials with a nonlinear macroscopic mechanical behaviour. To achieve this, I will perform topology optimizations on a periodically repeated unit cell of the metamaterial using an efficient solver that is based on an algorithm called the Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT).


Prof. Dr. Lars Pastewka

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