Naeim Ghavidelnia

Naeim Ghavidelnia


Forschungsbereich C

Exzellenzcluster livMatS @ FIT – Freiburger Zentrum für interaktive Werkstoffe und bioinspirierte Technologien

Tel.: +49 761 203 95323


Self-sealing by orchestrating chemical and mechanical mechanisms and processes as basis for self healing in livMatS
In a living materials system, the essential requisite for initiating the self-healing process is that the two parts of a crack or cut come into close contact without external factors. This prerequisite is called the self-sealing capability of the material. Mechanical metamaterials can be programmed to adapt automatically to changing conditions such as alteration in stress and strain state. In my research, I investigate programmable mechanical metamaterials to design and develop the appropriate unit cells with mechanical crack closure and self-sealing ability.


Prof. Dr. Chris Eberl